Precious Guidance believes that our child’s daily intake is significantly important to their development. By serving them nutritional home-made and organic breakfast, lunch and snacks we will help prevent the continuation of obesity among children and the dependability on fast food meals. Through our organic gardens, we will provide and educate our kids a healthy nutritional lifestyle. If your child has any food allergies, or other special’ dietary needs, please be sure to notify me, so I can better accommodate your child. Weekly menus will be given to parents.

Since every child is unique and is at different stages of development, it would be helpful that parents are responsible for supplying diapers, wipes and creams for their child. Upon enrollment, and every 6 months afterwards, each family and Precious Guidance will work together to make sure we are prepared for an event of an earthquake or other natural disasters. Emergency supplies such as water, nonperishable food items and full set of clothing for their child will be stored in the emergency bin at the Daycare.

Change of Clothing
Each Child will have their own individual cubby where they can store a spare set of clothing. Parents are responsible for maintaining and updating a spare set of clothing in their child’s cubby. Please remember that children grow fast and having the current size for your child can be helpful.

Parent Involvement
Precious Guidance encourages every parent to be involved with their child’s development. We can all share in making precious memories for our children by volunteering for fieldtrips, activities, and birthday parties. However, I am aware and understand that parents are busy, and it may be difficult to always find time to participate. Therefore, meeting individually with parents on a regular basis to discuss their child’s progress, share observations and work together to set individual goals and objectives for their child, may also be considered. By having an effective communication relationship, we can all work together to help meet the needs of your child.

Methods of Payment
Parents can choose to pay for tuition in cash or a personal check written out to Precious Guidance. A service fee of $25 will be assessed for any returned check. In the event that 3 or more checks are returned, you will be asked to make all future payments in cash only.

Please contact us to discuss tuition. Pricing varies based on age of child and other factors.

Precious Guidance will be close for 1 week every April and 2 weeks every August. Parents will receive at least 30 days advance written notice of the exact dates.

Precious Guidance will be closed on the following PAID holidays. Please arrange for alternative care on these days:

Appointments and Early Pick-up
During the morning drop off time, please inform me if you will be picking your child up early that day, or if your child has an appointment and will be leaving, and will be returning again later in the day.

Emergency/ Substitute Care
Precious Guidance will be glad to provide parents with a list of providers in the area during the time we are close on vacation or in a case of an emergency. However, it is ultimately the parents’ responsibility to arrange for substitute and/or emergency care for their child.

Effective communication is truly important between parents and provider. Please inform me if you plan to keep your child home due to illness, appointments, family outings or any other reason. You must notify me no later than your regular drop off time. In addition to preventing any unnecessary incidents, I also would like to be notified if you anticipate on being late in dropping off your child in the morning.
For the well being of the other kids and care givers, it is extremely important that we prevent any illness from spreading among the participants. If your child has any of the following symptoms, you must keep your child home: (NO EXCEPTIONS)

Any medication must be in the original bottle or container. All prescription medications must include the original prescription label and instructions.
Preschool Guidance staff will not administer any medications, creams or sunscreen without written consent from a child’s parent. Medication consent forms are available in your Parent Handbook or you may request it from any staff members. Please do not leave medication on the counter.
Parents must hand all medication, instruction and consent forms to me personally.

Each child must complete Immunization record prior to their first day of enrollment.

If for any reason parents and provider are not able to meet these guidelines, either the parent or provider has the right to termination service. They must do so by providing a 2 week written notice.

Statement of Non- Discrimination
Precious Guidance Family Day Care and Preschool consider all admission regardless of, race, religion, national origin, ancestry, gender, sexual orientation, marital or parental status, and children with any physical, mental or emotional learning disability.


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